The Dentist Isn’t Happy to See You Either

Comin' to getcha!

A report from the League of Extraordinary Dentalmen, the coalition of American Dentists, revealed that the dentist isnot happy to see you either.

For years, Americans have complained about going to the dentist to have their teeth

cleaned.  They have dreaded it, they have kicked and screamed and complained on Facebook and Twitter but to no avail.  They all still end up going to the dentist and receiving the elective medical services.  Dentists have inadvertently become very hated for that very reason.  But apparently the feeling is mutual.

In their statement, dentists would like the American public to remember that “every time you come in to our office we get a little sadder and angrier.  Our only enjoyment in life is throwing an ounce of toothpaste at you as a signifier to get the fuck out of our offices.”  So next time your teeth are being mangled and scraped by the dentist, just remember, it is because they hate your guts.


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One Response to The Dentist Isn’t Happy to See You Either

  1. List of X says:

    Yet more reasons not to go to the dentist

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