Happy Easter – The Day Jesus Re-Entered the Matrix

This Easter, with all of the secular images that run rampant through our holidays, it is important to remember the real reason for celebration.  It is the day Jesus Christ re-entered the Matrix.

As we all found out from the Keanu Reeves film, The Matrix, our world is really just one created by the machines in order for them to use humans as an energy source and keep us in a catatonic, but acceptable state.  And on this holiest of days, we remember the first person to ever escape the Matrix: Jesus Christ.  No one can be a hundred percent sure exactly how he escaped because usually someone who has already escaped helps another remove themselves.  This makes the story even more remarkable.  After his self-removal from the Matrix, he soon returned two days later to make sure his loved ones knew that he was fine and that if they work hard, they too can end up living in an underground world fighting off machines for all of eternity.

So when you are hunting for eggs, painting eggs, and wondering what bunnies have to do with eggs, remember that your life is meaningless, because we are all just batteries being used by the machines.


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