Obama Tackled By Secret Service After Putting on Hoodie.

Shady looking mofucka.

In honor of Trayvon Martin, many people across the nation have been showing their support of the Martin family. Most recently, President Obama, in another show of support for the Martin family was caught wearing a hoodie.

But the hoodie was not on for long as  the second President Obama stepped out of his bedroom, he was immediately tackled by the Secret Service.  At the time they had immediately deemed the man “unfit to be in the White House and had probably taken out the President.”  Fortunately for them President Obama had not been taken out.  That was the Secret Service’s doing.

Obama reportedly yelled “Ow what the fuck guys?!”  Then began resisting arrest so the Secret Service punched him in the kidneys a few times to show him who’s boss.  They forgot that the President is the boss.  “He looked very shady,” stated Chief Security Officer Charles Brant.  “The hoodie made his face even darker than it normally is.  And you know, when you see a black guy wearing a hoodie you probably lock your car doors.  Even if you’re in a white part of town.  I mentioned this is off the record right?”  No you did not Officer Brant.  No you did not.

President Obama only suffered a few minor cuts and bruises and small trace amounts of blood in his urine.  He will soon recover and will most likely retire the hoodie permanently.  Or at least until there are no paranoid whites around.


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