LMFAO Forgot To Shuffle Yesterday

LMFAO reportedly forgot to shuffle yesterday, reports the bands manager.

The popular electro pop duo became widely known because of their smash hit song, “Party Rock Anthem” this past year.  It has been in everything from commercials, to sports, to your grandmother’s radio.  One of the most popular and widely repeated lyrics of the song is “everyday I’m shufflin.'”  Apparently that lyric no longer holds a hundred percent true.

“The band just got really busy and lost track of time,” reports Band Manager Flip-flop.  “They meant to but because of album signings, appearances, charity events, sleeping with hot beezies, and counting their money, they simply forgot to.  I blame myself.  I’m their manager.  I will soon be stepping down.”

No word as of yet on whether or not the song lyric “everyday I’m shufflin'” will be changed to something more correct like “usually you can find me shufflin'” or “most days I am probably shufflin’ at some point or another.”


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