Dennis Kucinich to Star in Upcoming Leprechaun Series Reboot

Newly unemployed Dennis Kucinich is set to play the Leprechaun in a Fox Studios reboot of the Leprechaun series.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich has been a member of the House of Representatives, proudly representing Ohio’s 10th District since 1997.  In this past election cycle, Kucinich, for the first time in sixteen years, has lost his seat in Congress.  Kucinich has been known for many things through out his career in Congress.  We can not think of any except for the fact that he is short.  Really short.  And we are assuming that is what our readers can remember as well.

Fox Studios has been talking about rebooting the cult 80’s cult classic Leprechaun series for years now, but have had no perfect lead to play the Leprechaun.  Someone who, without makeup, still has a little scrunch to his face.  Someone who has big ears.  And someone who despite years of attempting to be taken seriously, is still just seen as a short person.  With Kucinich’s recent loss in Ohio, he is amongst the millions of unemployed in this nation.  But Fox hopes not for long.

Talks have begun between the two camps that would ultimately pay him a small nominal fee for appearing as the Leprechaun in the film and subsequent mall tour to promote the film.  He will have the costume surgically attached to his body indefinitely until the movies either become unsuccessful, or he dies.  Because what does a lifetime politician with no other discernible skills do for a living besides dress up as a leprechaun?


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