Eric Cantor Reveals New Catchphrase!

Eric Cantor, this Wednesday the 14th, revealed the the American public his much anticipated new slogan.  Boomshakalaka.

Most politicians have some type of slogan or saying that is used again and again.  Rudy Guiliani had “9/11.”  Al Gore had “Global Warming is a thing.  I swear.”  Eric Cantor, the current House Majority Leader, realized that in order to take his career to the next level, he would need a slogan.  And that is where ‘boomshakalaka’ comes from.

A group of advisors close to Eric Cantor told him “Listen Eric.  No one likes you.  You need to come up with something that people can at least remember you by.  That will help keep you in the public eye for years to come.”  Shortly after Cantor came up with his slogan that he said would be used “after big accomplishments like passing a bill, or punching Obama in the penis.”

“We tried to tell him, ‘that’s not really what we’re talking about.  We mean like a staple of your career.  Some kind of platform to campaign on.  A sole issue that is yours to lead the charge into the 21st century.’  After he stared at us blankly for, what felt like an hour, we decided to just let him have his fun.  He’s such a sweet little guy.”

So be sure and keep an eye out for Cantor to use his new catch phrase that will officially be held whenever he does anything great.  So you probably will never hear it.


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