Haters Gonna Stop Hating

For years, thirteen year old girls and rappers have been saying “haters gonna hate,” because that is exactly what haters do.  They hate.  But in an extremely surprise move, haters have apparently decided to put their differences aside, and stop hating.

There have been many reasons to be a ‘hater’ throughout the years.  Reasons in the past have included low self-esteem, being an asshole, having a Twitter account, masking homosexual tendencies, etc.  Early notable ‘haters’ include the Catholic church, the Jews who killed Jesus, and Hitler.  Nowadays most haters are nameless and faceless but nevertheless do equal damage to countless people’s psyches.

In a surprise move, Haters Anonymous put out a press release announcing the end of their hating ways.  “We realized that it was really pointless and it only fueled the fire of the people we were hating against,” stated Lead Hater Ashley Hernandez.  “They only got stronger, while we only got weaker.  We have decided to take a long hard look in the mirror and move on with our lives.  Hate is not the way.  Neither is peace either though.  Peace is for pussies.”

It is unclear for now as to what little girls and rappers will have to complain about now.  But in case any are reading, here is a list of things that you can complain about: parents, dealers, taxes, Republicans, Obama, black people, white people, hispanic people, asian people, people, running out of eyeshadow, homework, high school, acne, back acne, boyfriends, girlfriends, bitches, and war.


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