G.L.A.A.D. To Honor GLAD Trash Bags

GLAAD has been on the forefront of the fight for equality for the LGBT community the past twenty years. And often times they honor those who get anything right about homosexuality.  This time they are honoring an organization that has been influential in spreading their message: GLAD Trash Bags.

“Over the years, when Googling for GLAD people have spelled it wrong on occasion and been accidentally sent to our site.  Approximately .5% of the time to be exact.  That’s approximately a thousand hits a day just from the the Trash Bag run off,” stated Herndon Graddick, senior director of programs at GLAAD.  It is very important to constantly have these educational materials being spread around.  And GLAD has been extremely influential in that mission.  This is why they are being awarded the “Best Accidental Citizen Award.”

There were rumors that One Million Moms was going to be awarded this coveted first time award because of their fight against Ellen Degeneres.  During that altercation GLAAD’s viewership went up 150%.  But they are assholes so instead they received the “Seriously Just STFU Award.”

*Editor’s note: GLAD was nominated in the citizen category because of the Supreme Court ruling allowing corporations to be considered people.


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One Response to G.L.A.A.D. To Honor GLAD Trash Bags

  1. Christopher says:

    Don’t get MAAD, get GLAAD :P

    PS: YO rawful news guys, you should enter our contest over at CS, and tell your friends!

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