Exclusive Interview with Al Gore: “I invented the Oscars.”

He ate all of the fake fruit on the table before he left

Al Gore has been out of the public eye for some while. That lack of recent public clout allowed us an opportunity to interview him.

He mainly talked about global heating and “science” but all we heard was a lot of “blah blah blah.”  Like seriously what else is new Doctor Depressing!  (We want to remind our readers that Al Gore is not a doctor.  But he is depressing.)  What really caught our attention was a mention, in passing, of the upcoming Academy Awards and a statement he made regarding the awards ceremony.  “Well you know I actually invented the Oscars.”  We tentatively replied with “Shut the fuck up Al Gore.”

For the next thirty five minutes, Gore began explaining the origins of the Oscars and how he played a crucial role in the creation of America’s annual awards ceremony.  None of that makes any sense because the first Academy Awards took place in 1928, well before Gore was born.  But who knows with that guy.  Maybe earthly heating was around back then too.  Maybe his precious “science” can explain that one.  What was I typing about?


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