New Pictures of Hitler Reveal he was Colored.

New photos released this past week reveal a different side of the infamous Adolf Hitler.  A colored one.

Most of the video and photography coming from World War II and before show Hitler only in his natural black and white state.  This is the way most people view Hitler when his name is mentioned.  But these new photos reveal that Hitler was actually colored.  This has created some controversy with people who are still worried about evil dictators no longer living.  Many have begun to question his hatred towards those that are colored.  “I know he hated Jews and he was one, and now I know he hated coloreds and I can see he was one also.  What next?  Find out that he wasn’t blonde hair and blue eyed?!” says Kyle Hobbs, a San Diego State History major.

Skinheads are very overwhelmed by the new pictures as well.  “It’s like growing up your whole life loving and respecting your father, only to find out, that he’s a black guy.  I’m devastated.  I might as well become a dirty Jew.”  They argued that the liberal media, aka History Channel, has been adding color to his videos for years trying to further the liberal Jew agenda.  “But this stuff is the real deal.  No more questions please.  I need to reflect.”  Those guys use the word Jew A LOT.

These new pictures are important because they alter our view of history and show who Hitler really was: A colored Jew.


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