Why Michelle Walked Out on Barack on Valentine’s Day…


Even the leader of the free world is not immune to the troubles Valentine’s Day so often brings couples. This time, it led to the First Lady, Michelle Obama, walking out on her husband Barack.

The morning of February 14th, Michelle awoke to Barack who served her breakfast in bed and surrounded in her in America’s finest roses. (He needed American roses because otherwise Fox News would have been all over his tail.) From there he whisped her off into the Lincoln bedroom where they made sweet, passionate, morning love with the promise of more to “come.” (Our words not his. He’s too classy for that.)

After the recovery period, (you know what they say about black guys), Barack and Michelle went for a leisurely stroll from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument where they talked of times past. When they first met, their first date, their wedding, and of course Malia and Sasha’s birth. Upon returning to the White House, things began to go awry.

After their walk, they returned to find out the situation in Syria had escalated to an extremely violent revolution and action was necessary so Barack was whisked away to the Oval Office effectively cutting short the promise of a beautiful Valentine’s Day.

Barack sent notes to Michelle throughout the day telling her how much he loved her. The notes that returned were not so amicable. They typically included something along the lines of “if you loved me you’d be here,” and “I was faking it this morning.” He continued to apologize via text and written note but to no avail.

When Barack finally freed up his schedule to make dinner on time, Michelle was beside herself. Despite him making it on time to dinner, Michelle was so disgusted that he had to be somewhere else, she decided to skip dinner. Reports say that they heard her yelling “I don’t care if you’re the President, you need to be with me!”. She then stormed out and forced Barack to sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom which is reportedly the least comfortable room in the White House. Apparently, even being the leader of the free world, with its fragile balance in his hands, is not immune to being treated like a little bitch.


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2 Responses to Why Michelle Walked Out on Barack on Valentine’s Day…

  1. Jayme says:

    ikr lol! Cant believe michelle would believe he’d say that! Is funny though!! ;-)

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