The Second Leading Cause of Motor Accidents: Complaining About Others Texting.

In a study done by San Diego State University, it has been discovered that the second leading cause of traffic accidents comes from complaining about someone texting while driving.

Many know that texting is the leading cause of traffic accidents in the United States.  Several states have passed laws outlawing the use of cell phones while operating a motor vehicle.  Overnight it became popular thing for adults, statistically the most typical to be critical of those younger, to criticize texters, typically a younger generation.  Many adults’ take the criticism serious enough to drive up next to the wrong-doer so as to better position themselves in the criticizing process.

Well that distraction is starting to be just as dangerous if not more than texting at wheel because both of these are causing drivers to be equally distracted.  And accidents are on the rise because of it.  The DMV has been issuing PSAs about the dangers of making fun of those texting in the car.  They have the tagline “Don’t hassle. That’s our job.”


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