Ron Paul Releases Statement Re-Announcing He Is Running for President.

In a statement released this Tuesday February 7th, Ron Paul wants everyone to know that he is definitely “still running for President.  Of the United States.  Seriously.”

The press release came after Ron Paul was interviewed by the 7th highest listened to San Diego State University’s radio show ‘Power Hour.’  The brash political science major host asked Mr. Paul who he was endorsing for President.  “I’m endorsing myself.  Because I’m running for President.”  It was then that the know-it-all host told him to “Come on man, be realistic.”

It was at that time Ron Paul gathered all of the fury his 110lb stature could muster, punched the host in the arm with the power of a hundred feathers, and stormed out of the radio station that is covered with musical groups’ posters with a touch of wiener’s added for effect.  Even someone from his most vocal demographic, the college student, didn’t truly support Paul despite the amount of bumper stickers he had passed out.  Paul has been asked numerous times during his campaign, at both strong and weak moments, whether he would endorse Gingrich or Romney, completely undermining his current efforts.

So Ron Paul decided to put out another notice to the media that he is running for President.  Enclosed it states “I hate to have to repeat myself, but I am declaring, for the second time, my candidacy for the United States of America.  I can turn this country back on to the right track.  Though I’m pretty sure if I did return us to prosperity the media would not mention my name once.  So I guess what’s the point?”


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