Is the Current Mrs. Gingrich a Sex Doll?

Oh wow.

There are many fake things in D.C. politics.  Promises, speeches, threats, Presidents *coughWcough.*  But the fakeness is possibly at an all time high.  Many have theorized that the current Mrs. Gingrich is actually a poorly constructed sex doll.

Many have not thought about this until someone mentions “I think Mrs. Gingrich is a sex doll.”  To which case everyone has replied “Ahhhhh yeah.  I can definitely see that.”  Let’s face it.  Her skin is far too tight and nice to be a human.  She rarely ever moves and definitely never speaks.  That could be just because she is stricken with fear.  Newt is a powerful man.  But mainly because of that smile.  It is kind of a lifeless, “yes I’m enjoying this” type of smile.  A smile that has never left her face since she came onto the the political scene that is Newt’s life.  It is possible that she is just constantly facing a giant fan, but what is much more likely, is that Newt outsourced finding his wife to the Japanese who created a cyborg that will undoubtedly have sex with him.  If anyone gets close enough, touch her skin and email us at  Let us know what her skin feels like and/or if she reacts.


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