Mitt Romney Unveils New Campaign Slogan.

You'd be crazy not to.

Mitt Romney received a boost in his campaign yesterday with the sudden and expected dropping out of Jon Huntsman. Those few Mormons that supported Huntsman will surely switch to Romney’s team. But there’s another factor that will surely help his case. His new slogan: Have yourself comMITTed, you’d be crazy not to.

Every great politician needs a campaign slogan or headline. Obama had “Change.” McCain had “Country First.” Howard Dean had “Aaaaahhhhh!” And not a minute too soon. Romney’s campaign has been pressured by Ron Paul these past few months and considering the fact that most Americans will have no idea what either candidates’ views are, a strong slogan is more integral than having slightly peppered temples.

“Have Yourself ComMITTed: You’d be crazy not to,” is as strong a campaign slogan as he is going to get. Governor Romney said in a statement “People need to realize they are crazy if they don’t support me. I’m rich. Republicans love rich. ComMITT yourself or die.”

Only time will tell if enough people will have themselves comMITTed to the craziness that is the Romney campaign. What we can say for sure, is that Romney supporters are crazy. Crazy for Romney.


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