Scientists Discover Dogs Really Thinking What You Are Saying.

Who needs a husband, right?

Dog lovers world-wide will undoubtedly revel in the news that came out this Thursday about their beloved canine companions. Science has proven that dogs are actually thinking exactly what their masters are saying for them.

If you have ever owned a dog, or been around a dog owner, they typically speak for their dogs as if they were a 1920s housewife who shan’t speak in public. “I’m hungry mommy,” is a popular one. “I never thought you’d return!” is another popular one. “You don’t need a boyfriend, because you have me,” is probably less popular but I’m sure is out there as well.

In a twelve week study done by a state university, scientists measured the brain waves of canines as well as the brain waves of their masters. Brain waves peaked at the same time in the same exact ways whenever a master would speak for their canine counterpart. And even more remarkable was the fact that besides those moments, the dog owners had almost no brain waves at all when they were thinking or discussing things other than their dogs. Literally, zero activity.


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