Is it really better to give, than to receive?

Gimme that.

Now that the holiday season is over, it gives us a little time to reflect on everything that has occurred in the past few months.  The gifts, the pine trees, the embarrassing revelations exclaimed after too much alcoholic egg nog. Here at Rawful News, during our yearly attempts at Secret Santa (despite it only being one person who works here) we were trying to figure out, “Is it really better to give, than it is to receive?”

Let’s think about it this. If you are giving, what do you GET out of it? You can see the person who received a gift enjoy it most likely during the brief time it takes them to receive something else and maybe once at a later date when they are wearing/using it. But then what are you left with? Picking up all of the trash, an empty wallet, and possibly nothing in return.

If you receive, you get to have a new thing. And how awesome are things and stuff?  The best.  You can use it, return it for money, or worst case scenario get a gift card. Being about as American as it gets, we love receiving new stuff.

But in giving, what you DO get is them feeling like they owe you something. If you give something to someone, they will undoubtedly feel obligated to run out and buy you something, or eventually repay the favor by buying dinner or possibly something even crazier you can’t even imagine! So on those merits alone we have decided that it truly is better to give than to receive.  Barely.


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