Jon Huntsman Endorsed by his Dad.

Couple of cuties.

It’s coming down to the wire.  The Republican candidates are grasping at every straw possible.  That includes money, hand shakes, and especially endorsements. Well one candidate has just landed a key endorsement that will certainly propel him to the top similar to the meteoric rises of Bachmann, Perry, Cain, Gingrich, and Santorum. Jon Huntsman has landed the endorsement of his daddy.

Just after the final numbers came in for the Iowan Caucus, daddy Huntsman saw that his son was doing terrible in the polls and now in states that semi-matter. So he decided to make a bold statement. He scheduled a press conference for earlier this morning. This is his statement:

“Jonnie is by far the best candidate. At least from my house haha. But seriously, no one I know has a better record of being a better son, father, or Touch of Grey Just for Men model. I put my full support behind lil’ Jonnie Huntsman Jr.”

Sure Jon Huntsman Sr. had already put millions of dollars towards Jonnie’s campaign, and of course dads are known to love their sons unconditionally, but this support will nonetheless be the difference in his campaign. He shall surely be the front runner now.


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