Unemployed Terrified of the Troops Coming Home.

Talk about opposites detracting

It is major news that all troops are to be pulled out of Iraq by December 31st of this year giving many families a late Christmas present, and an excellent start to 2012. But there’s a not-so-small group that isn’t so happy about the return of the American patriots who have been sacrificing their everything for our nation. The unemployed.

The unemployed are reportedly terrified of these soon to be called Iraq Veterans to come back to their homeland. There are few viable job options and even less full-time employment options. So the thought of thousands more being dumped into the job pool is frightening enough. But that’s not what really scares them. It’s the kind of people entering the workforce again.

“I think I’m a hard worker. But damn those people work their tails off. And they don’t even complain. That’s ALL I do. I used to work in a restaurant and if we weren’t complaining we weren’t awake.” American military personnel are notorious for their work ethic and ability to both lead and follow when needed. And if they can keep cool in a situation where bombs are going off, they can probably handle anything imaginable in the United States.

We attempted to get a hold of the leader of the unemployed. But realized halfway through our search that someone employed as the leader of the unemployed would be ironic. And stupid. But there’s one thing that the unemployed are increasingly sure of: they’re fucked.


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