Someone’s Running for the State Legislature

Beautiful, no?

In a breaking development, it turns out that Someone is running for State Legislature.  He said he’s “excited to help out our community for the better.”  There are many things on his agenda that will change our lives for the better.  He plans on doing that one thing on Elm St. so that cars run smoother over there.  He also plans on allowing schools to have money.  Which is good.  He also wants families to feel, like they are a part of a family.  So that’s great also.  He wants to make a place for businesses to be able to do business.

Such an ambitious plan requires an ambitious candidate. And that’s just what he is. He practiced law for X amount of years before he realized he wanted to serve the public in a better manner. All the while, raising three children, two boys and a girl, with his wife of enough years to seem legitimate. Yes he truly is the average, every-man that could really help our area out. As long as he doesn’t screw anything up, he should be able to serve the community for years to come, because honestly, who pays attention to the State Legislature?


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