Abortion Activists and Advocates Change Their Slogans

Recently, there have been a lot of issues at the forefront of our media coverage. But one of the most polarizing, abortion, has lost it’s vigor. No one is threatening murder for someone’s opposing views anymore. At least regarding abortion. And that’s a shame. Because those “debates” are always fun. So in order to reclaim attention to their causes, both sides have changed their catchy mottos.

Instead of the ever-famous “pro choice,” their motto is “pro murder.” And instead of the other side’s motto being “pro life,” it is now “anti choice.” We interviewed abortion scientist Andrew Spitz about the motto change and he said “This change is far more appropriate. It is the most negative of topics. It was only a matter of time that their slogans matched that negativity.”

Good point scientist. We found that their slogans are equally indicative of their goals as each side knew which one was their slogan. And the way we figured that out is we placed a group of abortion activists in a circle, then put the slogans on each side, and the slogans called to the activists. Each person went to the spot they were supposed to. This is definitely a great day for abortions. Let history mark this day, as Abortion Day.


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