Mars Rover Sent to Look for Jobs


NASA was once the leader in exploration. In the 1960’s, they put a man on the Moon. Three to be exact. Since then NASA has sent a satellite to Jupiter, figured out how to create a reusable aircraft, finished the space station, and had a killer movie about a successfully failed moon exploration that was lucky enough to be remembered forever only because of a Ron Howard film.

Their explorations have made discoveries that Galileo could never even imagine. But they are currently in the middle of a new exploration. NASA has sent out a Mars rover in search of jobs. The economy is as stagnant as those mirror lakes and people are becoming desperate. You can tell by the amount of jokes people make about having sex for money. There is a small possibility of jobs on our closest planterial neighbor. But there is also a small possibility of finding a job anywhere on this planet also. So why not start looking in space?

There could be a mineral that needs to be mined out there giving blue collar workers jobs a plenty. But what the U.S. government is really hoping for, is to find life on Mars. Because if there is life, there is a good possibility we would wage war with them. For what reason? They are evil and threatening the Earth way of life. Nothing creates jobs like war.

So what will NASA find on Mars? Nobody knows for sure. But we can’t depend on jobs only being created within NASA working on rovers for different planets. Mainly because everyone is stupid and that is a smarty pants job.


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