Super Committee Demoted to Side-Kick Committee.


Big news folks.  Just as no one suspected, Congress’ Super Committee failed to meet their November 23rd deadline.  The deadline was set to have the ‘gang’ come to a bipartisan compromise on how to reduce the ever-growing deficit.  Republicans want spending cuts.  Democrats want higher taxes.  Same shit, different day.  The problem is an ever-growing rivalry between the two parties and an inability to compromise.

So the group has effectively been downgraded from a “Super Committee,” to a “Side Kick Committee.” There are many reasons for the downgrade other than just not completing their goal. After all, even Batman could never officially defeat the Joker. Maybe the deficit is Congress’ ‘Joker.’ They have been downgraded because of an incessant immaturity about their methods. Storming out on meetings. Instead of arguing their points with intelligence, both sides lead with a ‘nah uh”yah huh’ type of discussion. And to top things off, no one is better off for it. These are not the motives of a super hero like Batman or Superman. It’s more the work of an impetuous and easily broken side kick like Robin, or whoever else is a side kick.

Superheroes are the people that children are born thinking they’re larger than life, and that’s because they achieve those ‘larger than life’ moments without the ‘larger than life’ attitude. The Super Committee has shown nothing super in their abilities. They commented that luckily the committee made the agreement that this deficit is something that needs to be dealt with today. They also plan on getting six pack abs. Right after they eat a bucket of chicken for lunch.


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