Veteran’s Day Reminds Americans that Nothing They Do is Difficult

Arlington National Cemetary

This past Veteran’s Day, most are reminded of the sacrifices that members of the military have given  to provide the many items in our lives that we take for granted: democracy, freedom, oil, cheaper banana prices, etc.  But this past Veteran’s Day most were reminded, on their legally required day off whilst soldiers still sat in the middle of the desert in 115 degree weather, that not one thing they do is difficult.

On any given day, you can hear endless complaints about meaningless topics.  Next time you’re in line for a coffee at Starbucks, really listen in to people’s conversations.  Unless you already do that, in which case you are kind of a nosey dick.  But listen to those conversations.  You will hear people complaining about the dumbest things.  Taxes, no basketball season, having to hit an extra button on the ATM so it’ll be in English, stubbed toes, stupid hoes, lame tv shows.  Those are all common items that give Americans headaches on a daily basis.  But having an ENTIRE DAY to think about the daily problems of an American soldier overseas was almost as tiring as trying to understand Inception.  That’s why I had to watch it twice on Veteran’s Day.

Soldiers deal with extreme heats, the same freeze dried food every day, and constantly live under the threat of others working to kill them just to name a few.  And all with very little thanks from the American public.  Comparing and contrasting the two complaints really makes everything Americans go through pale in comparison to the problems that American soldiers have to endure.  Thank goodness we all had the day off right?  All that guilt is tiring.


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2 Responses to Veteran’s Day Reminds Americans that Nothing They Do is Difficult

  1. mjcinti says:

    As I was reading this, I dropped my wallet between my couch and the wall. It’s going to be pretty difficult getting it out. I’ll think back to this moment with a misty eye next veterans day.

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