Eric Holder dressed as Stedman for Halloween.

Eric Holder dressed as Stedman

Eric Holder, the current United States Attorney General, dressed up this Halloween as Oprah’s on-again off-again boyfriend, Stedman.  For years he has been told he bears a striking resemblance to the man typically known as “Oprah’s bitch.”  In fact, it has notably been a sore subject for him because for many years, when he is introduced to a new person, which happens constantly in a high ranking position, they ask “Has anyone ever told you, you look like Oprah’s boyfriend?  What’s his name?  You know it.  Oh yeah Stedman!”

“At first it was funny,” states Holder.  I even used it as a method of ice-breaking or an opening joke for speeches.  But it began to happen every single day.  It’s the same reason why knock-knock jokes are played out.  Because we’ve heard them a million times.  Fuck Stedman.”

But at long last, he has finally accepted the fact that a completely unimportant man known only for being associated with an extremely powerful woman will be more recognizable than the highest ranking lawyer in the United States.  Good for you….uh, whatever your name is.  I already forgot it.

Eric Holder or Stedman? I dunno.


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2 Responses to Eric Holder dressed as Stedman for Halloween.

  1. They both have very nice moustaches. I want to touch them.

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