Republicans Revel in Kim Kardashian Bringing Traditional Marriage Back.

Good looking pair of singles.

With the news of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ sudden divorce there have been major outcries from the American public.  Some areas have even begun to riot such as the recent events in Oakland.  It is a sad day for Americans.  And some have speculated that this marriage was a sham.  Gasp!  And some of those some have been saying that it was an attempt to get better ratings for Keeping up With the Kardashians along with the slew of spin-off shows on the E! Channel.

If this was true, that would mean the Kardashian wedding was more a business transaction than a love transaction.  In other words, it’s a contract.  But it would also mean that traditional marriage is back baby!  Throughout history, the most common form of marriage has been a contract between two families, not necessarily a binding message of love, or a message about your ability to have children.  It has been a business transaction.  So in that case, money is just as traditional, if not more than, a marriage based on love.

Because of this return to marriage normalcy, Republicans have gone on the offensive as traditional marriage advocates once again.  This issue has largely lain dormant as bigger issues (at least bigger on a general scale) have come about: jobs, economy, debt, war(s).  But Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, formerly Kris Kardashian, have become the unsung heroes of the Republican Party.  Many have even mentioned Kris making a run for the White House.  He, as of tonight, is the new Republican front runner with Mitt Romney in a close second.  God bless the two for reinforcing our beliefs in traditional marriage.

We all need to thank them


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4 Responses to Republicans Revel in Kim Kardashian Bringing Traditional Marriage Back.

  1. hoboduke says:

    When my parents were married, if you had a pig or a cow then you could choose your bride. Women today are so brain washed by delusions from romantic fairy tales. It simply proves how hollow romantic fairy tales never prove real, when you see those infatuated lovers Kim Kardashian, and what’s his name. Actually, she bought her husband, got paid for a ritual wedding celebration,and left with the loot. Don’t know if her wedding had 1% of the interest that the royal wedding in England merited. She embaressed the USA through her flargrant love of money, and indifference to her beloved husband. Her whole family makes the Jersey Shore crew look admirable.

    • rawfulnews says:

      how old are you? I mean, yeah people used to do that, but how recent was it?

      • hoboduke says:

        As to how recent wives are bartered for livestock, or just plain old cash just happened with Kardashian. It still is commonplace in China today and India. Oh yeah, they have most of the people in the world too! We’re in the minority any which way we get measured. I am proud to say that I am old enough to claim 6 decades on this world.

  2. Kim Kardashian and her fat arse have a new hater…Mariah Carey

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