Members of Wall Street Occupying Homes of OWS Protesters.

It was a big deal.

Occupy Wall Street has become a movement spreading through out the entire world.  A protest the likes of which this generation has not been privy to yet.  Whether you agree with their message or not, whatever that may be, it is undeniable that millions of Americans are unhappy.  Many of these unhappy folks are outside of Wall Street.  But the question remains, what is going on with their homes?

It’s pretty obvious that all of these people were not originally homeless.  They have a place to call their own, whether it is renting or owning.  At the same time, we have been hearing very little from those on Wall Street.  Is it because they are scared?  Is it because they think it better to keep quiet during this hostile time?  Is it because they are valiantly working on efforts to make things right between them and the American public?  Yeah right.  What our journalist has discovered recently through the magic of research and Yahoo! News is that members of Wall Street have been staying in the homes of the occupiers.

Recently, a stock broker named Eric Lypinski, was arrested at a home that was not his.  Police responded to a call about a noise complaint.  The noise complaint apparently was coming from a home in Buffalo, New York, but not from the rightful occupants of that home.  It was a “gnarly party filled with cocaine, breasts, and dolla dolla bills y’all,” stated Sergeant Richard Lichtenstein.  A regular rager was going on as it apparently has most nights for the past month or so.  This is a regular occurrence.  Similar calls have been made up and down New York, Conneticut, and all those other states on the East Coast.

Mr. Lypinski was given a stern warning and promised to never do it again.  The police stated that it was enough for them and they wouldn’t bother him ever again.  “I mean, the party ended early.  Hasn’t the man been through enough?”  We haven’t seen much of the Wall Street-ers because they have been eating, drinking, and sleeping in the homes of the members of OWS.  “Their homes are tinier than my closet.  But honestly, I think we’re doing a great thing here today.  Taking back what is rightfully ours.  Everything these people own,” says Lypinski.


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