MSNBC Reveals New Slogan: Bend Over.

And take it.

MSNBC, a well known news source, has changed their slogan once again.  A slogan is important.  It tells people what to expect when changing to your station.  It’s also ambiguous enough to bring in new people with the intrigue of “Oooo what does that mean?”  Most products will have several if they are lucky enough to be around that long.  Well MSNBC has reached their third slogan.

“Bend Over” is their newest and greatest slogan to date.  Originally, their tag line was “The Place for Politics.”  Because that slogan is ridiculously stupid and boring they later decided to switch to the slogan “Lean Forward.”  This one is a little cleverer.  Since most news stations ‘lean’ a certain way nowadays, as MSNBC does, they were not hiding from that fact.  They were embracing it.  And they were also saying that they don’t lean towards a particular party, they were leaning towards progress.  Leaning forward.  But unfortunately that slogan did not help their ratings in the least.  So they have started a new slogan campaign that is much more fitting towards the message they are trying to get across: “Bend Over.”  It was only a matter of time.

The further someone leans forward, the more likely they are to be bending over.  Math Scientist Piu Xiao has said “There is no concrete angle that signifies the shift from leaning to bending.  I am currently working on a thesis that states the exact angle is 50 degrees.  That is the point where someone has been leaning forward too much and has begun to bend over.”  Interesting point Mr. Unpronounceable Name.

Also, they have practically been ‘taking it’ from Fox News for the past few years in the ratings.  Fox News is essentially the conservative counterpoint to MSNBC’s liberalism.  But viewership of Fox News outnumbers MSNBC’s by about 3-to-1.  The slogan “Bend Over” is way more indicative to what people would be viewing if they were to tune into MSNBC.  But they don’t.  So they won’t.


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