Muammar Gaddafi: A Fashion Icon.

Ugh, so fashionable.

It is big news that the long-time Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi has been killed this past week while he was attempting to flee the area.  He ruled his country with an iron fist and torpedoed out of office in fantastic fashion.  But there was another even more fantastic area of his life that wasn’t as talked about but equally affected millions of lives for better and for always.  Gaddafi was a fashion icon.  Lady Gaga hasn’t worn anything as extravagant as his typical outfit.

Shoulders that were practically raised above his own head, hats that would make any military general’s mouth salivate, and layers upon layers of flare in the shape of medals were all common characteristics of his wardrobe.  Even his sunglasses were the envy of millions of sorority girls at state universities.  Some even rumor that the song “Sunglasses at Night” was written about and for him.  Those close to him have said that he was traveling from Libya to Dubai in order to launch his new line of clothing.  It was going to specialize in sunglasses meant for trendy old people, crazy military medals only to be bought in bulk, and the most comfortable brown cloth drape you could ever lay your grubby little hands on.

Gaddafi was also minutes away from bringing the perm back.  His lavish lifestyle continued onto his hair as he would get a new perm once a week.  Obviously ridiculous but that’s the kind of fashion that drove him.  Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, none of these fashion icons have had the same impact on our everyday lives as Muammar Gaddafi.  Qaddafi.  Ghaddafi.  Khaddafi.  Whatever dick.

Such a fab garb.


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