Apple to Begin Selling the Zune.

Apple's Zune

As some of you may have heard, one of Apple’s creators, Steve Jobs, passed away from his long battle with pancreatic cancer.  Jobs was known as an innovator and American icon.  Even though he had stepped down from Apple months ago, as he had done periodically to recover his health, Jobs’ presence was always felt, and his advice was always listened to.  He cultivated a company that didn’t just make computers; it packaged the newest technologies in an easy to use, sleek bundle.  With his passing, many have wondered, what does the future hold for Apple?

They have assured the public that they will continue to be technological and cultural leaders in an increasingly globalized world.  Which brings us to Apple’s first undertaking in the post-Jobs era.  Apple has bought out rights to the Zune from Microsoft.  For those of us who don’t remember this epic fail in technology, the Zune is similar to an iPod, only very terrible.  There were a ton of problems with programming, ease, putting music on and off, and even the name feels esoteric.

“It feels like an unfinished product.  Apple could be just the company to complete it,” says Apple’s current CEO, a guy not important enough to remember his name.  Beginning January 1, 2012, Apple will begin phasing out the familiar iPod for the ridiculously terrible Zune in order to “prove something” to the world.  “I want to show the world that we are the best company out there and that we can market anything and people will buy it.  That’s probably what Steve Jobs would have wanted.  Probably.  Well, maybe.  I think.  Shit.”


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