Cure for AIDS found. Public says ‘Nice.’


Lab Coats.

Recently, a major milestone in the medical community has been achieved.  The first ever recorded incident of a man being completely cured of AIDS has been recorded.  In the thirty years since the first diagnosis of HIV/AIDS, there have been over 60 million people who have contracted the deadly virus.  One such person is Timothy Brown, a German translator living in San Francisco.  In 1995, he discovered that one of his past partners had tested positive for HIV.  He soon found that out he was positive as well.  Despite taking antiretroviral medication, he was told that only two years would remain of his life.  But to the great surprise of everyone around him he continued to live his life to the fullest.  And to this day there are no traces of HIV/AIDS in his system anywhere.  This is a great accomplishment for many reasons.  A cure could save tens of millions of lives across the planet.  Also, unlike the black plague which decimated the European population and killed off approximately a third of the population, a similar disease, AIDS, could be completely halted within a few decades.

Here at Rawful News, we were curious as to what exactly the public sentiment is towards this amazing feat or medicine and science.  So we took to the streets.  Here’s a poll of what 100 random people on the streets of Los Angeles had to say:

Nice – 29
Whaaaaaaaaaat – 19

Nah-uh – 11

Holy shit science! – 10

Hahah AIDS is always funny man.  Good one. – 9

I don’t care – 8

What’s AIDS? – 7

If you don’t get out of my way right now I will fucking end you. – 7

So there you have it folks.  Los Angelenos, and undoubtedly the world, will be reveling in the glory of this accomplishment for probably a week or so.  Then back to bitching about traffic.


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