Republicans and Democrats Finally Agree. To Disagree.

Agreeing to disagree.

Recently during a debate on the floor of the Senate, Democrats and Republicans were discussing in an angry manner, also known as childishly arguing, that the other side is COMPLETELY wrong on every single topic.  When it hit them all at the same time, though each side says they thought of it first.  They agree on one simple thing.  To disagree.

Soon after, they decided to draft a bill substantiating the feelings.  The bill was introduced as AB 1910, otherwise known as the Agreement Amongst Men Bill.  But then women scientist’s reminded the authors of the bill that women play an integral role in politics and all aspects of life.  So the bill was renamed the Agreement Amongst People Bill.  But then the women’s scientist groups believed the male writers of the bill should be punished.  So it was renamed the Agreement Amongst Women.  Just to really drive the point home.

Weeks of work, drafting and redrafting this bill, came to a head on the floor of Congress when Agreement Amongst Women was agreed upon by 100% of male congressmen but only 47% of women in Congress voted Yes on the bill.  Go figure.  But since men make up most of Congress, the measure passed with flying colors.  It became the first truly bipartisan effort to gain any ground and be put into place.  So what does this mean for the future of our great nation?  We’re fucked.


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