Donald Trump will not believe President Obama has teeth until he sees the dental records.

Show us the records.

Donald Trump is at it again.  As if his antics weren’t enough months ago when he mandated President Barack Obama show the world his birth certificate because he did not believe the President was born in the United States and therefore could not legally hold his current office.  Obama presented the public with his birth certificate and laid the Birther Movement to rest.  But now Mr. Trump has another bone to pick.  Somewhere between twenty-eight and thirty-two bones to be semi-exact.  Donald Trump has now moved onto the next bit of Obama’s life that he questions to exist.  His teeth.

Donald Trump was recently noted in a press conference that “[He] will not believe that ‘President’ Obama has teeth until [Obama] reveals his dental records.”  Good point Mr. Trump.  How can anyone be sure that he has teeth and is able to properly chew his food without seeing his proper dental records and x-rays?  No one knows.  Similar to the Birther Movement, a so called Teething Movement has come out of the woodworks to call on Obama to reveal his dental records.  And the members of this movement are moving quickly and strongly.  They have already petitioned the government to halt all operations until his dental records are revealed.  Over two hundred thousand signatures have been sent to the White House with another hundred thousand in the works stating that this is “of the utmost importance.”

“Our so-called President Barack Obama has been dishonest with the American public every step of the way.  This is just another example of his dishonesty.  Transparency in government has been an endangered species and is something this administration more than any other has to work on.”  Clarity of teeth as well as clarity of words is necessary and we here at Rawful News agree 100% that Donald Trump is in the right.


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